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Your sister. She hates me! And I don’t know why.

mmm mmm alllllllllllllll that sexual tension

I’d just like to point out that the purpose of the gifset was to show that this isn’t about sexual tension at all. Instead, it’s about why she threatened Zuko’s life.

She saw Zuko as a threat to Aang’s life. No matter what you ship, the simple fact is that Katara is very protective of Aang, and after seeing how easily Zuko betrayed her in the crystal catacombs, she couldn’t let it happen again. And she’d be willing to take his life if he forced her to it.

Katara doesn’t take betrayal- or any form of harm to the people she loves- lightly. Also displayed by her hatred for Yon Rha.

So there you go, context for why Katara was furious. No sexual frustration, just anger.

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